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The Finest ingredients at

Our Chocolates are made in Belgium and a few England. Both our makers are traditional Chocolatiers, still doing a lot of work by hand. You will see that many Chocolates are in two colours of chocolate, a specialist process still done only by hand.

We do not use any artificial Stabilisers, Emulsifiers, Preservatives or Colours. For this reason, our Chocolates must be kept in at between 15 - 18 C, in a dry atmosphere out of the sunlight and away from strong odours. They are best eaten within 10 days of arrival -if you can keep them that long!


All our Chocolates contain Soya.
By variety, others contain Wheat Flour, Egg, Milk, Nuts.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please contact us about your requirements before you order.

Try not to keep our Chocolates in a fridge unless it gets really hot, over 24C: Refrigeration is too cold, spoils the flavour and texture and the Chocolates tend to sweat when taken out. A cool room is always best. If you are travelling by air, pack your Chocolates in your luggage, rather than taking them in hand. The Cabin is frequently too hot.

We do not use any of the extenders which are so common these days - things like Vegetable Oil and Flour. However, we do have a few Chocolates made or coated with Biscuit, which do have flour and therefore Gluten. You will soon notice that our Chocolates have a fine, light, sometimes very rich, but always definite, flavour.

A side benefit of our quality policy is that all our Chocolates are suitable for Vegetarians and those on Gluten Free diets, except for Double Biscuit, Cardamon and Praline Truffles which do contain Gluten.

Of course, we use Nuts extensively, so we are unable to guarantee that any of our Chocolates will not have traces of Nut. Those with a nut allergy should also avoid Marzipan and Praline, which are made from ground Almonds and Hazlenuts, respectively. Similarly, Dark Chocolate is made and kept in areas where Milk is present, so Chocolates marked as suitable for the Dairy product allergic may contain traces of Milk.

Until September 2017 we were happy to recommend Ananas, Dipped Ginger, Grenoble, Liqueurs, Rose & Violet Creams and Orangettes as being suitable for Vegans. This recommendation was based on a knowledge of the ingredients used allied with discussions with our Vegan Friends. However, changes in legislation and some Vegans taking a rather different perspective has made us review the situation with the result that we are no longer able to endorse these Chocolates as "Suitable for Vegans" even though their ingredients have not changed.