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Guarantees and Security

Our Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that your Chocolates are of the finest quality and have been packed especially for you, in a way that should ensure their arrival in perfect condition. Most of our boxes are sent by Courier, some by Royal Mail: We usually use Airmail outside U.K., but please ensure that you are aware of, and in a position to sort out, any Customs Import Requirements that may be necessary.

Unfortunately, and very infrequently, some services will lose or damage things. If this happens, please contact us and we will replace or make a full refund.

When you fill your own box, we give you a set number of Chocolates to choose. However, we actually sell by weight, as we must by law. As our Chocolates are hand made, there is a variance of weight within a batch and between varieties. This means that we may increase the number you chose, or add a makeweight, to be sure you get the nett weight we declare. If the Chocolates you choose weigh more than we declare, we will NOT reduce the numbers - you get the excess free! Sometimes we may be out of stock of a variety. In this case we will increase one of your chosen ones, or we may contact you for advice.

The pictures we show are our usual presentation, but we can, and do, change the ribbon colours with the season: If you particularily want a colour of ribbon, please mention it in the "Additional Comments" box at the end of the order process. We will always do our very best to do as you wish!

Hot Weather.

While our packaging will protect the Chocolates from heat for a week or 10 days in normal conditions, extreme heat or being left out in the direct sun WILL melt them! Please think, before you order, whether it is high summer (over 28C) where you are sending them, if the recipients may not be there to accept a parcel or if postal delivery is made into a hot metal box at the end of the driveway. Any of these can lead to molten chocolate!

Our Security Policy

We do not keep any data other than your Account records and the order information, which we may use internally for analysis purposes. We will NOT pass any address or personal information to anybody else. If you want to know something, please ask! We aim to respond within 12 hours. We will e-mail you when we confirm your Order or if we have a problem with something to do with your order. When you give your card details, these are handled by Pay Pal, a very secure server. If you want to try out the site, you can do so with no fear of being charged or leaving your details somewhere insecure: Using the "Back" button, or moving to another site cancels all the entries you have made. Only when you make the final click of agreement is any information sent to us.

We use cookies on this site. Indeed, if we did not, or if you turn cookies off, the site will not work. This is what our Cookies do:
    1) Recognise your computer when you visit our website
    2) Track you as you navigate our website, and enable the use of your shopping cart on our website
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We do not store the cookie, once the order has been completed. We do keep a list of email addresses, and order detail in case later contact with you is needed. Only when you complete an order is any information transferred to us.

The Cookie we use is marked "". We would suggest that you periodically clear Cookies (and other stored information) from your web browser. This can normally be done using an option under the "tools" button on the menubar of your web browser and should be part of your regular "housekeeping".