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About is associated with Minerva Chocolates, in Colchester, England, which is a small family run business, first established in 1986.Having kept shop for 32 years, we now - at an advanced age - only open from November to Christmas. We have chosen to keep everything as personal as possible, so all Chocolates are still hand packed and we only buy Chocolates made by other family businesses dedicated to keeping the tradition of high quality Chocolate making. This give us total control and flexibility and, just as importantly, it makes us very cost effective. Please see is the logical but separate development of that principle, designed to enable today's busy people to order, at any convenient time, Chocolates of their choice, whether to eat themselves or send as presents to friends and family. Quality for quality, we really believe that you will not find a better way of buying the best of Chocolates delivered to your or anybody's door. Finally, you can be sure that, whatever Chocolates you choose, they will always have a good, positive, flavour. We are proud that our Belgian maker has been using unchanged recipes since 1986!

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